Online PR Toolbox course
could be the answer for you

Fiona Scott Media Consultancy

Journalism, Public Relations and Media

  • Interested in public relations however you can only commit a small budget?

  • Do you clearly understand you need public relations yet you represent a charity or not-for-profit or start-up and have no choice but to do it yourself?

  • Want to find out more as you are interested in outsourcing – yet worried you don’t know what good PR looks like?

  • Are you a marketing manager or executive who wants to do more media relations yet just don’t have the skills or knowledge?

  • Are you fed up with your established company – or your expertise – not being recognised in your community or sector – yet you want a little education first?

If any of this applies to you then you may need a ‘Fiona’ in your life!

My online PR Toolbox course

Based on 30 years’ experience of working in and alongside the media, could be an answer for you. This investment will allow you to clarify what public relations actually is for you, your business or your organisation so you can make some sensible decisions.

The main focus is around media relations and how to make the most of the modern day media to raise your profile, become more visible and work towards more sales or raising awareness.

Why? It is inevitable consequence of being more engaged that more opportunity will come along for you and your organisation. More visibility can lead to more sales – if you recognise and act on those opportunities.

However please remember that if you commit to this course, invest the money, do the course and then do nothing – then nothing will happen.

The Course Structure

This course is split into seven modules – the first being free – and will give you a grounding in the basic things you need to do and the assets you need to gather upfront to embrace public relations, particularly media or press relations.

This first free module should help you understand a little about me and my expertise as well as help you make a sensible decision about whether it’s a good investment for you.

Each module has a video at its core, with tasks to be completed and with some modules you will also get some assets to guide and support you eg. a press release structure.

Once you’ve signed up for the course each module will be delivered over a six week period which will happen automatically from sign-up.


What it Costs

The normal price for this course as a standalone asset is £197 (inc VAT at the UK rate of 20 per cent) however in year one I will be offering an introductory price of £99 (inc VAT at the UK rate of 20 per cent). Please be aware once you have committed there will be no refunds.

Online PR Toolbox course